Wakering and Barling First Responders

Becoming a First Responder

To become a First Responder you do not need to have any medical qualification or have first aid experience.You will receive all the training you need.

You must live or work in the villages of Wakering or Barling. If you live or work in other villages you may find they also have First Responder teams that you could join.

You must be able to commit a little time for training each month and attend a six monthly examination. This is to ensure you know what to do. You will be given a certificate that lasts for six months.

You must be over 20 years of age.

You must have access to a car. To be a First Responder you will need to drive. Some First Responders go on duty in pairs. Only one of you will need to drive. You drive on your own personal insurance and must inform your insurer that you are driving as a first responder. If your insurer increases your premium because of this, then change your insurer. You can't break speed limits or ignore any traffic signs.

You must be available to be on duty. This is the whole point. But you can choose how much time you can give. You can decide to stop being a First Responder whenever you wish. The training will not be wasted. It stays with you for life. You can stop for short periods and restart as long as you have a current certificate.

All First Responders are cleared by the Criminal Records Office.

The only personal skill you need is to be able to talk to people who may be in very stressful situations. You will need to reassure them and keep them calm while remaining calm yourself.